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CCTV, Intruder Alarm

& Access Control Systems

Proline UK ,supplies complete series of CCTV , Access Controls, Alarm Systems for commercial applications & offers the single Integration software packages & hardware pannels. The units are Analogue, Digital & IP Based . The units are offered with three years replacment warranty and one year extended warranty.

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Walkthrough Gates

& X Ray Scanners

Proline UK, X Ray Scanner key components are from Spellman (USA), hammatsu (Japan) & interroll (Germany) and are successfully installed at various locations worldwide while as the walkthrough gates are designed and developed with excellent quality control available from 8~33 Zones .

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Anti Shop Lifting

Electronic Article Surveillance

Proline UK EAS systems are designed to help retailers boost their sales and protect their profits by increasing open merchandising opportunities while reducing shoplifting and internal theft. Our EAS systems are engineered and manufactured for superb detection and deactivation performance, durability, ease-of-use, and aesthetics to match any décor.

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CCTV Surveillance &


Proline UK , manufacturers are types of CCTV surveillance systems suitable for small business applications.The DVR's range from 4 Channel to 32 Channels & with variety of CCTV Cameras from Analogue , Digital , IPCCTV ,HD CCTV & HD SDi CCTV. This way we provide wide range of products for small business applications.

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Alarm Systems for

Intrusion Detection

Proline UK , proudly manufactures Alarm systems for the Small business applications so your assets and properties are safe 24X7 , any intrusion that happnes will directly be informed to you over the normal or mobile phone. The Alarm systems can be integrated with the CCTV systems to make everything perfectly secure.

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Time Attendance

& Access Controls

Proline UK , manaufactures time attendance & access control units that can integrate with any payroll software packages as we readily offer the SDK. Biometric time attendance & access controls exclusively manufacutured under the quality control of IP Bio UK Ltd. ,please visit www.ipbio.com for further details.

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Remote Surveillance


Proline UK offers the world class choices to monitor your home , near & dear ones remotely. Taking advantage of Mobile phones , you can watch & control the security systems from any part of world.Readily provided latest technology of 4, 8,16 channel DVR's enable you to watch & protect your home.

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Intrusion & Fire

Alarm Systems

Proline UK ,proudly manufactures Intruder & fire alarm systems for domestic application & the devices are tested rigrously for domestic application considering all aspects of safety & security. The standalone gas detection systems , GSM based intrusion alarm systems are offered wired & wireless panels.

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Video & Audio

Door Phones

Proline UK , as a part of Japanese Manufacturing team, manufactures Video & Audio doorphones as well combo units to suite for domestic applications. The units start from single handset to multi-handset as well as from normal Analogue devices to IP Based systems, hence making villas & appartments as well high rise buildings safe.

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